Lead time & Inventory

 INVENTORY/ Why is an item OUT OF STOCK?


The availability of pistol holsters on this website are intentionally limited to control the number of pending orders. Inventory is by holster style, not pistol model or other customizable options. These inventory levels will be updated on a weekly basis (ON SUNDAYS AT 4PM PACIFIC TIME), as pending orders are completed and shipped. This means that if a holster type (A/IWB, OWB, etc) is "out-of-stock“ on a Wednesday, it may be back in stock on the following Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time. This is done to prevent lead times from inflating, and to ensure that I continue to enjoy running Cascadia Concealment LLC as a small, part-time business in my off-duty time. This inventory and lead time system also allows me to balance my day job, family life, and holster business. For this reason, I do not typically offer pre-orders or rush orders. If you an individual, company, or agency that has a large holster order (over 5), feel free to email at info@cascadiaconcealment.com to setup a bulk order. All other items on this website have unlimited quantities for ordering purposes.

Holster inventory is NOT based on your custom options. All kydex items sold on this website, except for the quick ship section, are custom made to order. Holster inventory is based solely on holster style, and nothing else.


BE ADVISED: Lead times are an ESTIMATE, not a GUARANTEE. Email any questions to info@cascadiaconcealment.com

Lead time is approximately 30 days. This means that orders are expected to be completed and shipped within 30 days of the order being placed. Actual shipping times depend on the carrier used (typically USPS), and the shipping address' proximity to Washington State. While rare, it is possible that circumstances may arise where production of your items will be delayed. Cascadia Concealment is owned and operated by a father, husband, and active LEO in WA State. Life happens, and flexibility is a part of that. By placing your order, you understand and agree to the quoted lead time as well as the potential need to be flexible. All items are hand made, and in the order that they are received.