FFL Purchases & Transfers

FFL Purchases

Cascadia Concealment is happy to help you with all your firearms purchases and NFA-regulated items.  If you would like us to locate an item for you, send an email to FFLSales@cascadiaconcealment.com.  Our online inventory search portal is here!!  Click on Firearms & Accessory Sales in the main navigation menu.  All of the important info about the transfer process below also applies to you, with the exception that we don't charge for running the background check or completing the state DOL forms if the purchase is made directly from us.

In accordance with RCW 9.41.090(7) any firearms meeting the Washington State definition of a semiautomatic assault rifle will be subject to the $18 fee at the time the firearm is released.  *Note:  this amount is subject to change via the rule making procedures of the WA State Dept. of Licensing.*


FFL Transfer Services 

If you are considering purchasing from an online sales platform and shipping it to us for the transfer, there are some important things we want you to know:

1. We both work full time jobs in addition to running Cascadia Concealment. That means even once your firearm is delivered, we need time to get home, log it in, and do our own paperwork before we contact you to come in. 

2. We only do background checks and pickups by appointment. We try to be flexible, but have other demands on our schedule too. 

3. We charge a $20 transfer fee to process the background check & complete the necessary forms for standard firearms. 

4. We charge a $75 transfer fee for NFA-regulated items due to the extended period of time we will need to hold your item and fees associated with submitting the BATFE Form 3 on your behalf.

5. If your item shows up at our business without advanced notice, there will be an additional $20 fee.

6. Online purchases in WA are subject to sales tax.  Updated 7/2020:  Due to guidance we received from the Department of Revenue, Cascadia Concealment will collect appropriate sales tax on all online purchased, unless you can provide proof that it was purchased from an individual and not another licensed FFL.

7.  Any firearm or NFA-regulated item which results in our inability to contact you and arrange for a time to begin the transfer process within 28 calendar days (4 weeks), will incur a storage fee of $50, plus $3/day thereafter.  All fees must be paid in full before a transfer will be initiated.

8.  Similarly, because transfer approvals expire after 30 calendar days, any firearm not retrieved within 28 calendar days of the transfer approval will be subject to the storage fee of $50, plus $3/day thereafter, and a new transfer application fee ($20) will apply.  All fees must be paid in full prior to release of the firearm.


FFL Transfer Fees Summary*: 

  • $20 Person-to-person transfers & announced FFL Transfers
  • $75 for NFA items not purchased through Cascadia Concealment
  • $20 Additional fee for unannounced FFL transfers
  • $50 storage fee for firearms not claimed within 4 weeks + $3/day thereafter

*fees are based on cash payment.  Payments made by credit card are subject to an additional surcharge.