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Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

---Always test fit your new holster in a safe environment with an unloaded firearm before transitioning to daily use of your new holster. Keep your finger off the trigger at all times.---
*** Design can change without prior notice.***
***The term kydex® is used as a general term to describe a variety of thermoplastics we use. These may include kydex®, holstex®, boltaron®, as well as others. The end user will likely not notice a difference between these materials. Some colors, patterns, prints, and textures are only available on particular thermoplastic types.***
1. Kydex® vs. leather?
Kydex is waterproof, scratch resistant, offering a variety of different colors and patterns to choose from. Kydex® easy to maintain- just soap and warm water.
2. Will Kydex wear the finish of my gun?
Just like anything else (including leather), yes, it will eventually cause some wear on your firearm. A light coat of CLP inside your holster may help mitigate this potential issue. 
3. Can I leave my holster in the car?
Yes you can. Keep in mind that "Kydex" is thermoplastic, prolonged heat will eventually deform any plastic holster. Likewise, kydex may crack if mistreated in extreme low temperatures. This WILL void your holster's warranty.
4. How about maintenance?
Before each use, inspect the condition of the holster, belt clip(s) and hardware for any signs of damage or loose screws. Damaged parts and materials could lead to a potential serious injury. Do not use the holster at this point. It is recommended that the user apply Locktite thread locker to the screws once a carry position, and retention level is established. We recommend occasionally washing your holster, and using some sort of holster lube or light CLP inside to reduce friction and wear of your firearm's exterior. Most holsters have a light coat of CLP sprayed in before shipping.
5. Can I modify my holster?
Do not modify your holster in any way, shape or form, this will void the warranty. Doing so could result in serious injury, and at one's own risk.
6. Do you offer any other color/ pattern?
Yes. If you like a specific color/ pattern for your firearm please contact us for details. Please keep in mind that we do not stock all the colors available. We do offer completely custom work. email us at cascadiaconcealment@gmail.com
7. My holster is too tight/loose. What can I do?  

The way a Kydex® holster gets its retention is from the molding process. The area inside and around the trigger guard (or around the light bezel) is where most, if not all retention is provided. To prevent your firearm from falling out of its holster, we tend to go a little heavy on the retention. We also add adjustable retention to many of our holsters. While we take every measure to ensure proper fitment of holster to firearm, it is possible that some difference exists between our mold and your particular firearm. In these rare instances your holster may not fit exactly as you prefer.

This is covered under our warranty and we will fix the issue free of charge. Please perform a test fit of your holster prior to using it. Do so with a clear and unloaded weapon, facing in a safe direction. Put the holster on as you intend to wear it, and draw your firearm. Remember, draw like you mean it. This is a gun holster, not a purse. Holding the holster in your hands to test the retention is not recommended. There are much different muscles at work when drawing from a proper wearing position. For IWB and AIWB holster, the tightness of your belt may also be a retention factor. Consider wearing a proper gun belt with all of our holsters. The drawstring on your sweatpants or shorts don't cut it.

When holstering your firearm, there should be some resistance felt before fully seating in the holster. You should also hear a "pop"  as the trigger guard or weapon light snaps in to its correct position. This is by design. If you have significantly reduced the adjustable retention, this sound may be unnoticeable, likely indicating your holster is too loose.

All holsters will cause wear on your firearm's exterior. Common places include the leading edges of the slide, the trigger guard, and the slide itself. To prevent this, see our section on maintenance. 

If the weapon comes out with very little effort or falls out when turned upside down, your holster is too loose and you should adjust the retention via the retention screw, or send it back in. 

Permanent modifications to the holster's retention can be made using heat, but may damage the holster. If an adjustment like this needs to be made, please send the holster back to us and we will gladly adjust it for you. Please do NOT attempt to make these adjustments yourself as it voids your warranty. A better option is to rub/spray some light gun lubricant/CLP into the holster to reduce friction. Since these products are designed for firearms, they will not damage your pistol or holster. 

8. When will my order ship?
All items are currently built to order, unless purchased under the Quick Ship category. PLEASE SEE THE LEAD TIME PAGE FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION. As an Active LEO with a family and other commitments, this time period allows me to get your order done. In the event there is an excessive delay, you will be contacted and given the option of a refund or accept an approximate delay. As a standard, we use USPS at this time and a tracking number will be emailed to you. Should you have a different carrier need, please contact us and we will work that out with you. BE ADVISED: Wait times are an ESTIMATE, not a GUARANTEE.
9. How do I cancel or modify my order?
Email us as soon as you can. Some changes may require custom invoices for additional charges, such as feature additions, or material changes. 
10. Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Many countries are able to order from our website.  If you don't see your country, email us to determine if we can ship to you.
11. Do you offer warranty?
We offer limited lifetime warranty. Limited to materials and craftsmanship only. If you modify or alter the item in any way, we will not warranty your item. If the item appears to have been damaged in extreme heat or cold, or due to misuse/abuse, we will not warranty it. Cracking is not covered under any promise of warranty.  Save your receipt/invoice. Please contact us for details.
12. Do you offer any discounts?
Our way of showing appreciation to the men and women of the Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders we offer 10% off to ALL Military (including Veterans), Law Enforcement Officers and Fire/EMS.  Email us at info@cascadiaconcealment.com with proof of your affiliation (ID card or other) and a coupon code will be provided for use on your next order. Please feel free to block out or refrain from sending in private or controlled information. I just want to make sure the discount goes to the intended audience. Please do not share this coupon code.
13. Is my holster handmade?
YES! Every holster we sell is handmade. Depending on the style, this is accomplished with either a vacuum press or a foam press. Most items are laid out and cut by hand. Some are routed using trim jigs and other magic, but always finished by hand. Because of this, there will be some variation from holster to holster. Most holsters from Cascadia Concealment are made by one person. On rare occasion, help will be brought in to help with production and meet lead times. However, this is very rare. 
14. I have aftermarket modifications to my firearm, do I need to let you know?
Yes, most definitely! Things such as extended slide stop levers or tall sights need to be accounted for before we start production. Most of these options are accounted for in the ordering form, but if you have concerns about your particular setup, please provide us with this information in the comments box when ordering.
15. I have another item such as a flashlight, knife or multi-tool. Can you make a sheath or carrier for it?
At this time, we are not able to take on any special project of this nature.
16. Are you an FFL Dealer?
Yes.  We are a fully licensed FFL, that is also authorized to deal in NFA-regulated items (suppressors, SBRs, etc.).  You can reach us at FFLSales@cascadiaconcealment.com for any questions you might have.
17. I have additional questions, what should I do?
You can always use the contact us form, or if your question is Kydex-related, email us at info@cascadiaconcealment.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If your question is firearm related, email us at FFLSales@cascadiaconcealment.com. You can also DM/PM us on our Instagram account (quickest response).
What is Cascadia?
Cascadia is a bio-region stretching from the southern tip of Alaska to the northern edge of California, and as far east as Montana. It is the area surrounding the Cascade Mountain range, often referred to as the Pacific Northwest. It is also our home. Having grown up here, and living abroad  we found our way back home between the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful backdrop of the Cascade Mountain range. We absolutely do not follow along with the idea that Cascadia should be a separate country. We don't believe in the vast majority of what some "Cascadia" political groups believe. We just love the Pacific Northwest and all of it's natural beauty.
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