Combo Double Pistol Magazine/Single Rifle Magazine Carrier V1

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Product Overview

This combination carrier consists of a pair of single mag carriers, and a single AR15 or AK mag carrier attached to a flexible backer to be worn outside the waistband. there is a single FOMI clip on the backside of the carrier to help prevent the center from sagging. The FOMI clip size will be matched to the size of the other belt attachments selected in the options. 


**No two products are exactly alike. Each item is handcrafted and may vary slightly. Some variation in design may occur without advanced notice.


The Fabric/Cordura wraps listed in the color options come over standard base color Kydex that most closely matches the pattern/color of the wrap. Custom color wraps can be ordered via email. Please email us with such inquiries. We do not currently do this in house, therefore there is some additional cost and lead time. Please also note that the fabric wraps such as cordura and suede will drift and fray with use. Unfortunately these wraps are not as stretchy and forgiving as the thermoplastic (Kydex).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review